art projects


Competition installation. Tensegrity is an English portmanteau of tension and integrity. It denotes the invention ascribed to Richard Buckminster Fuller and Kenneth Snelson of a stable framework of bars in which the bars do not touch each other but are merely connected by pulling elements, for example ropes.


Prize piece. Dance performance by and with Laura Keil. Music: Daniel Roth.


“Tabu” – a modern intermedia play. The challenge of how to present a taboo in art without showing the taboo itself. The corresponding soundtrack as well as the sound design refer in content to compositional areas of tension. The psych-acoustic experience of the complete works unconsciously draws the visitor into the topic. Due to the abstractness of the stage performance this inverting alienation effect of Brecht was chosen deliberately.

stars & paints

Werner Pawlok’s “Stars & Paints” is a collection of 105 Original-Celebrity-Portraits taken with a 50 x 60 polaroid-camera. Among others Jean Paul Gaultier, Juliette Binoche, Pedro Almodovar, Sir Ben Kingsley, Bernd Eichinger, Senta Berger. This assembly of VIPs comprises a Who is Who of the higher-minded popular culture. To underline this rough artistic current we mainly used rhythmic elements.

five days paris

5 days in Paris – a goal. A dream-team of professionals that joined to work on this extraordinary project. A group of like-minded, committed creative people worked on a common project with a vision – freedom, nothing but freedom.