emotional branding

soundtrack [score]

Our film music serves the dramaturgic emphasis and emotional accompaniment of moving images. It is composed completely newly by us for a film. But in some cases we can also fall back on already existing music from our archives which fits emotionally or rather programmatically to the film scenes. Here with regard to function and content the connection between image and music as well as the support of the level of atmosphere and emotion in a film and its plot have priority with leadunit.


audio branding [brand sound & corporate sound]

The process of the building up and maintenance of a brand by using acoustic elements [Audio Branding Elements] within the context of the brand communication is nowadays a matter of course. The acoustic dimension of a brand [Brand Design] or of a company [Corporate Design] reflects the acoustic identity and is made audible by an Audio Logo, a Brand Song, a Brand Voice etc.


sound design

The range of the fields of application of sound design by leadunit is extremely varied. So besides films and radio plays radio media and multimedia-use profit from this activity. Apart from the range of the possibilities of use the technical processes with which we work today have also expanded. Due to that additional scopes of tasks have developed for L.E.A.D. in media production. Among others these include sound- and music-advice, the production of functional music as well as working with and restoring recordings.